Twitch And Shout: A Touretters Tale

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Comorbidity makes medication a mine-field and indeed it's Handler's attempts at self-medication which ultimately create problems:. This contributed to the breakdown of his first marriage and to a near-fatal car crash. Indeed these are some of the low-points this book highlights another poignant one is his brother's diagnosis with leukemia.

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Luckily, there are high points too these include successes in his career as a photojournalist and in meeting Oliver Sacks. Also, while broken lives are highlighted hope ultimately reigns.

Humor is also used to great effect throughout. For example, in writing about Oliver Sacks:. Handler has some goals here including bringing TS to the public's attention, philosophizing, questioning and finally accepting both his own and other peoples' differences and urging us, his readers, to do the same. As Elkhonon Goldberg states in the Foreword, this book:. I walked straight by her. Acceptance couldn't be more eloquently stated.

Whether TS is "a special power or a disability, but never anything in between" p is touched upon in this memoir, and this book does, in my opinion, succeed in breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding non-Touretters might hold.

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Handler also makes political and moral points in places sometimes unfortunately to the point of preaching , but redeems himself too when he says: "I realize that I am not unique" p. All we have in this world is each other. And we are all different yet bound by our humanity.

As Lowell's father said when learning of his son's diagnosis, "Son, neurological disorder is the wave of the future" one of the quotes at the beginning of the book. As more and more people in our world receive diagnostic labels, this statement could be closer to the truth than I suspect any of us realize. This looks really good. This one looks great as well! Post a Comment. I've said something similar to my son, but reading Handler's memoir gave me more a bit more insight into what he deals with every single day.

In middle school, no less.

Twitch and Shout: A Touretter's Tale

On one level, Handler's book is an enjoyable coming-of-age, overcoming disability, finding your niche story. Regardless of what is happening around her in conversations or on the television or radio, she is thinking Ebola. The fact that the word represents a horrible, deadly virus does not matter to her; more significant is the sound the world makes audibly and in her mind when it's repeated. Related Searches.

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Twitch and Shout: A Touretter's Tale

In this fascinating book,