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Basic Medical Language - 4th Edition

Quality communication among all members of a healthcare team improves patient safety by reducing the number of mistakes. If someone confuses the terminology, putting the wrong condition or procedure into the chart, this can make a huge difference in the care the patient receives. Treatment may be less effective, or in some cases, dangerous. When all members of a team know medical terminology, they can also help the patient learn what those terms mean.

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Patient education helps patients become a more active part of their care team, leading to improved satisfaction. Knowing medical terminology can also help you avoid making coding or billing mistakes that a patient may have to call to correct—a major patient dissatisfier.

Medical Terminology - The Basics - Lesson 1

Healthcare professionals may see dozens of patients every day. To provide more efficient care, physicians or nurses may write quickly and scribble common abbreviations. Learners will receive thorough instruction in developing fluency with medical terms.

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Medical vocabulary will be taught with specific emphasis on root or stem words , prefixes, suffixes and abbreviations. By the end of this course learners will be expected to have a basic comprehension of medical terms and be able to communicate accurately to their peers in the field.

Collaborative Learning with the Medical Language Lab

Learners have the opportunity to experience this same rigorous university-level course on a flexible schedule and earn academic credit when they pass the course with a C or better. Eligibility: Learner must enroll in the Verified Certificate option.

6th Edition

Learner must abide to all course and academic integrity policies throughout the entire course. Learner must receive a passing grade of a C or better. What you'll learn Identify and interpret common prefixes, and suffixes used in medical terms Determine the meaning of stem words to break down complex medical terms and their components to decipher the meaning. The latest edition of the book has been improved to include a comprehensive list of word parts and additional practice problems that enhance your ability to correctly spell, use, and form medical words within the context of basic anatomy and physiology.

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But the truth is, no book can meet the expectations of every reader. In less than pages, this book packs a great deal of information on how to understand, memorize, and use medical language. One particularly impressive thing about the book is the way it breaks down medical terms into super easy to understand bits.

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And to enhance learning, the end of each chapter is marked by a quiz comprising questions that come in different styles. As one would expect, this complaint came from practsing medical professionals who were only looking to widen their scope, not to learn medical terminology from scratch. So, bear in mind that this book is for beginners who are not familiar with most medical terms.

Basic Components of Medical Terms

This is one of the bestselling books on medical terminology — and that alone speaks volumes. The book lays emphasis on important parts of each medical term, such as prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

This approach helps to simplify the process of memorizing medical terminology, and to lay a solid foundation for learning several terms related to medicine. The book is organized according to body systems. And each chapter begins with a general overview of the medical terms related to structures in the system under focus and their functions. To be precise, each chapter starts with a list of 60 key terms and 15 essential word parts related to the system.